Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2019 version 16.1.6

Visual Studio 2019 version 16.2 Preview 4

  • Corrected an issue causing Visual Studio to stop responding when using "Find Next" in Workflow designer.
  • Fixed issue on Bundle Signing property page and missing Provisioning profiles on Windows for Xamarin.iOS projects.
  • Addressed a security issue that could allow binary file corruption.
  • Fixed a Null Ref Exception in unit test scenarios.
  • Fixed issue where deployment of UWP apps to same device from both VS 2015 and VS 2019 can result in cryptic error messages during deployment.
  • Addressed user feedback on .coverage files not in the Visual Studio generated .gitignore.
  • Addressed user feedback where "VCToolsVersion" and "WindowsSDKVersion" were no longer supported by CMakeSettings.json
  • Fixed an exception in Mono.Debugging.Soft.ConnectionException when trying to debug a Xamarin.Android application.
  • Fixed an issue where NPM install tries to overwrite package.json in editor.
  • Increased AndroidClientHandler timeouts to address customer issue.
  • Corrected a Live Share indentation error for C#, VB, or TypeScript files.