Office 365

Excel 365, version 1810 (octobre 2018)

Slide with transparency options on the Format tab

Reveal what's behind a picture

Put a picture on a slide, worksheet, document, or message, pick a pre-set, and watch the transparency change. That's it!

Excel 365, version 1811 (novembre 2018)

Worksheet on the left and Ideas pane on the right

Discover more about your data

The new Ideas button looks for patterns in your data, and uses them to create intelligent, personalized suggestions.


Data tab showing Stocks and Geography data types

Stock quotes at your fingertips

Retrieve the latest stock price, change in price, and more with the new Stocks data type. There's a new data type for Geography too.


Access 365, version 1809 (septembre 2018)

Database window in the background and Linked Table Manager dialog box in the foreground

Refresh, relink or remove linked tables

The updated Linked Table Manager is THE location for managing all data sources and linked tables.


Database with pie chart in the center of the screen

Visualize data with new charts

Choose from 11 charts and make it easier to understand the data stored in forms and reports. Match fields to chart dimensions and preview your changes instantly.


Access 365, version 1811 (novembre 2018)

Black theme

Paint it black, paint it gray

Change the look of Access as often as you like. Four themes to choose from: Colorful, Dark, Gray, or White.

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