Office 365

Excel 365, version 1909 (septembre 2019)

Custom Column dialog with a selection of join algorithms displayed

Code quickly with Power Query enhancements

Get to code completion quickly with auto-complete and syntax coloring. Easily discover functions, columns, and parameters, too.

Fuzzy merge options in the Merge dialog box

Join tables on similar columns

Get & Transform (Power Query) now features approximate text matching logic (also called fuzzy matching) when comparing columns for merging tables.


Excel 365, version 1910 (octobre 2019)

Convert files to improve accessibility

Upgrade your files to the modern format to make them more accessible for everyone.

Accessibility message asking you to consider converting the file to a modern format in order to take advantage of all accessibility features

Create more accessible PDFs

Create a PDF and the accessibility checker will point out accessibility issues to fix before you save.


Save as PDF dialog with yellow message box inviting you to check the accessibility of your PDF before saving​​​​​​​

Access 365, version 1904 (avril 2019)

Get smart with Microsoft Graph

Import or link to intelligent data and reinvent your desktop database with Intelligent Technology.


Access logo and graph with arrows going in between

Access 365, version 1905 (mai 2019)

Switch seamlessly

The new account manager shows all of your Office 365 work and personal accounts in one place. Switching between them has never been easier.


Conceptual screenshot of account switching feature​​​​​​​

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