You can participate to the growth of Excel-Gestion portfolio, lend and make profits !

This is not a risky loan, but a controlled project:
  1. Your loan feeds a securities portfolio with variable return (mix of international equities)
  2. We share realized profit while ensuring eventual losses by capital in wallet
  3. We refund actual amount of your loan when you want (<> crowdfunding !)
Performance of an investment fund + Security of an insurance + Flexibility of a bank account​
Positive (or null) interest rate, no charges !
Indicative value of profit for 5 shares (fr. 500.-) placed one month ago and maximum value reached over 90 days
(Excel file below)

We share profit while assuming losses!

Loan sale

Your interest

You lend amount some time without loss of value, in return for an interesting variable return (at worst zero)

Our motivation

Our goal is not purely mercantile : we seek to generate cash flows to perform transactions in order to improve portfolio performance


  • We do not invest your money, it's a loan that you make us and we pay you back at your request
  • Your loan will be invested in one part with the guaranteed repayment of the amount lent (1 part = fr. 100.- minimum)
  • Thus you do not suffer any loss, we take responsibility for any loss on your part
  • In event of a decrease in the value of the portfolio exceeding 10%, the loans will be immediately refunded (at the amounts lent) in order to limit losses to our charge
  • In event of a 10% decrease, the sale of the own portfolio (90%) must cover the refund of the loss (10%) of the outstanding loans. Thus, sale of own wallet of fr. 10'000.- allows the reimbursement of losses for loans of an amount of fr. 90'000.-
  • Risk of zero return (refund = loan) is limited, since your profit does not depend on the investment of your share but on the overall portfolio
  • Half the profit on your part is also yours
  • Calculation of your profit depends on the date of receipt of your transfer to our account (the value of the share being an index compared to the date of investment)
  • Make your notification of loan with the form, you can request a refund at any time (min 7 days after loan recognition)


Excel file allowing daily follow-up with online data of evolution of portfolio and current amount of loan, according to date and number of shares

Download file


Instant loan and refund by Twint
(after announcement by forms below)


Your loan = 20% discount on all our services during loan period!
 (on order limited to loan amount)