Trends forecasting

Forecasts (sales, cash flow, circulation, ...) are possible from a historical sample for recurrent data fluctuating according to known factors, such as:
  • day of the week
  • day of the month
  • month
  • weather temperature
  • interest rates
  • stock index
  • website visitors 
  • advertising investments
We develop models based on your historical data to obtain:
  • daily forecasts for one year according to historical variations
  • trend chart
  • immediate update based on new data
Price: from fr. 250.- (250.- for each additional definition unit below), including  one of your historical dataset:
  • 1 historical dataset (sales A, ...)
  • 1 data processing (obtaining Excel data, correlation between factor-data)
  • 1 historical fluctuation factor (day, temperature, ...)
  • taking into account a growth rate
  • determination of the forecast according to several parameters (day, temperature, ...)
  • 1 scenario (pessimistic, probable, optimistic, ...)
Daily cash planning demo Excel Cash-Flow

Other developments

  • Project planning
  • Time Schedules
  • Scheduling management
  • Optimizations with constraints