Cost accounting

Cost accounting and monthly instant reporting

  • Reporting, analysis, budget control and forecasting tools
  • Customized and scalable design thanks to data - calculations - results isolation
  • Adapts to exported data from your ERP
  • Instant results after copying data
  • Control of inconsistencies in results
  • Macros-facilitated structure changes management
  • Dashboard
    with main resultats and links to details
  • Allocation Key Assignment
    with rows / columns management
    Allocation Key Assignment
  • Summary dashboard
    with customizable warning thresholds
    Summary dashboard
  • Results by sections
    with customizable warning thresholds
    Results by sections
  • Key performance indicators (KPI)
    summary graphs of key data
Key performance indicators (KPI)Key p
Our Excel reports integrate a complete fully automated solution from an accounting export:
  • budget / current / projection / previous year comparisons
  • visual indicators with customizable warning thresholds
  • analysis of monthly fluctuations
  • summarised reports with references to details
  • management of additions / deletions of accounts and sections, requiring no manual modifications
  • balances and variances checklist
  • list of allocation keys assignable to accounts
Our services:
  • export of accounting / salaries
  • definition and collection of distribution keys (units of work)
  • allocation of keys to accounts
  • design and documentation of the tools adapted to your needs

Variants and prices

  • Reporting (global results) : fr. 480.-
    • 1 export sheet
    • 50 accounts
    • ​​​​​​​3 detailed reports (current, previous year, budget, gap, evolution, forecast, ...)
  • Divisional accounting (Reporting + sections, unit results) : fr. 990.-
    • ​​​​​​​5 main sections (profit centers)
    • 10 subsections
    • 1 summarised report (summary, per sections, accounts, departments, ...)
    • 3 components by summarised report (current, previous year, budget, gap, evolution, forecast, ...)
  • Cost accounting (Divisional accounting + salaries / FTE, keys) : fr. 1'980.-
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​50 salaries
    • 10 allocation keys
+ fr. 250.- for each additional units or functions
  • initial adjustment to your accounting system (not included on site)
  • solution freely modifiable and of course reusable over the years​​

Annual maintenance contract:
subsequent adaptations to your accounting system (new accounts, year change).
  • Reporting : fr. 150.-
  • Divisional accounting : fr. 250.-
  • Cost accounting : fr. 450.-
+ fr. 50.- for each additional units or functions

We also offer application advantages in form of a monthly controlling mandate for 50% of the price if you do not wish to exploit it yourself.

Additionals functions

  1. analysis of monthly fluctuations
    • identification of positions deviating from the standard deviation
    • identification of missing transients
  2. self-adaptive budget to results
    • adaptation to projected annual results
    • adaptation to annual units of works
  3. daily results (instead of monthly)
  4. forecasts with fixed / variable costs (instead of variables)
  5. forecasts with monthly fluctuations
    • neutralizing the effect of fluctuating accounts (seasonal, working days, ...)
  6. multi-scenarios (instead of linear forecasts)
    • full capabilities, growth, stagnation, ...
  7. accruals and deferrals integration
    • calculating accruals and deferrals on current and previous amounts
    • identification of improbable accruals and deferrals (already in accounts)
    • breakdown of accruals and deferrals in proportion to the amounts of the sections
  8. ​calculation of units of work and profitability based on rates
  9. key performance indicators (KPI) with graphics
    • ​​page summarizing comparison of key data
    • dynamic comments describing the performances
We gladly offer you a demonstration of our solution !

Cost accounting and automated Excel monthly reporting adapted to subsidized institutions (CURAVIVA chart of accounts)

Download presentation
  • Monthly evolution
    Monthly evolution
  • Monthly evolution
    Monthly evolution
Analysis of variations (means, standard deviations, nb positions) with dynamics graphics (max 4 simultaneous account selection). Monthly results may be linked to cost accounting or Excel Cash Flow. Available reports:
  1. Monthly reports CY
  2. Monthly reports PY
  3. Monthly budgets
  4. Monthly projections
Price: fr. 250.- for each report (items 1-4 above), including initial adjustment to your chart of accounts and data linking. The application is freely modifiable and of course reusable over years.

Annual maintenance contract : fr. 50.- for each report, including subsequent adaptations to your accounting system (new accounts, year change).

We also offer application advantages in the form of a monthly controlling mandate for 50% of the price if you do not wish to exploit it yourself.
Excel Comptes-Analyse
Object-oriented intelligent accounting generating automatically the accounting log based on predefined transactions as well as corresponding cash flows (direct and indirect)
Excel Comptes-Sections
Simple cost accounting with sections management, distribution keys, VAT, cash flow (direct and indirect)
Simple Excel accounting
Simple accounting, sufficient for self-employed and tax documents, to obtain a balance sheet and operating account from entries entries of each account (cash, debtors, suppliers ...) simply listing the inputs / outputs on separate sheets. These are separate newspapers with no double accounting, with the operating counterparty only for cash accounts

Other applications