Digitalization is carried out in trustees who follow the course with direct access to Cloud-based client accounting and delivery of on-demand ERP (SaaS) modules. The accounting sector has been revolutionized with the advent of zero paper, made possible by electronic archiving, electronic invoicing and delivery of XML-formatted account documents following the hamonization of payment traffic (ISO 20022). Tax returns are also delivered electronically for legal entities. Many data about your company can be collected on the Internet (Google Analytics).

We aim to accompany you in the rationalization and optimization of all these financial processes which can be computerized. All computer data can be interconnected to facilitate automated processing. The goal is to achieve real-time results in order to allow decisions based at all times. Significant savings in hours of work can thus be achieved on all manual treatments repeated daily.

Reach your goals by obtaining instantly and in desired format all your accounting and financial results! Your analytical, decision-making and strategy development tasks will be facilitated.